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RegicideOCT Round 3 (UPDATED) by thatGuye RegicideOCT Round 3 (UPDATED) :iconthatguye:thatGuye 1 12 Simply Dangerous (A Danielus Songmix) by thatGuye Simply Dangerous (A Danielus Songmix) :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 0 R2-VS Quinn and Jack by thatGuye R2-VS Quinn and Jack :iconthatguye:thatGuye 2 8 Regicide OCT-Round1 Cover by thatGuye Regicide OCT-Round1 Cover :iconthatguye:thatGuye 1 2 Regicide OCT-Round1 by thatGuye Regicide OCT-Round1 :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 2 Derpneilus by thatGuye Derpneilus :iconthatguye:thatGuye 1 0 Danielus Wants to Help-Regicide Audition by thatGuye Danielus Wants to Help-Regicide Audition :iconthatguye:thatGuye 1 2 Regicide Audition Help by thatGuye Regicide Audition Help :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 0 RegicideOCT audition [Part A] by thatGuye RegicideOCT audition [Part A] :iconthatguye:thatGuye 1 0 Danielus Goes for a Stroll by thatGuye Danielus Goes for a Stroll :iconthatguye:thatGuye 2 2 Danieluswalk Rough by thatGuye Danieluswalk Rough :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 8 We Are Rabbits-Portal 2 by thatGuye We Are Rabbits-Portal 2 :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 0 Danielus-RegicideOCT refp2 by thatGuye Danielus-RegicideOCT refp2 :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 0 rpgArchive2 by thatGuye rpgArchive2 :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 0 rpgArchive by thatGuye rpgArchive :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 0 Some WIPs by thatGuye Some WIPs :iconthatguye:thatGuye 0 0
Please read my comments policy before commenting on my work. Thanks :) Also, remember to not steal nor redistribute my work without permission.


UnderTale A.D.R Sprite Animation(Super Spoilers) by DOA687 UnderTale A.D.R Sprite Animation(Super Spoilers) :icondoa687:DOA687 835 160
Alternatives to DeviantART
I know many people are upset about the Core Membership changes (and even changes, policies, or actions far before that) and are looking for alternate sites to use. I think it's important not to rely too heavily on one person or one service, so I would like to support you all in spreading your wings and broadening your horizons. It's a good idea to at least consider registering and participating in other sites also, even if you don't leave dA. 

A lot of people are looking for alternatives to deviantart. While Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook do support visual posts, they are limited. Twitter is notable for being bad for long text posts, and Tumblr is customizeable but can be very disorganized, and any form of community there is very disjointed. Facebook has a heavy censorship policy, similar to usersub on Imgur. Facebook and Twitter compress and shrink images in a terrible way that will destroy the view of high resolution art. Patreon
:iconprettypunkae:prettypunkae 406 375
About the recent hate for Steven Universe
I have known the SU fandom was intense for a while now and thus have avoided it, but this latest stunt cannot be avoided, it has boiled over into a plague affecting even the tamest of fan.
The entire Zamii incident is disgusting and I agree with the hate against the people who went so far out of their way to harass her to such an extent. No one should send death threats and harass someone to point of attempted suicide over artwork of fictional characters EVER. (Thankfully Zamii is alive and recovering, and I wish her well.)
The problem is while the spite towards the bullies of the Steven Universe fandom is justified the spew of hatred spilling out across the web is affecting the show itself, people are now blacklisting the actual cartoon because of fan behavior, which that seriously pisses me off.
 The creators of the show have nothing to do with what the fandom did, and by no means did the people behind the cartoon do anything to instigate the incident. The show and the people be
:iconlilleahwest:LilleahWest 20 54
Flicker Reference by GreekCeltic Flicker Reference :icongreekceltic:GreekCeltic 1,203 112
Tutorial cleaning bones PART 4
There are a few ways to do this.  
Paraloid B72
As bought here.  That $26 goes a very very long way so if you plan on sealing a lot of bones or other organics it is well worth the money.
Paraloid is resin-like little nuggets.  Soak half a handful in a glass jar of acetone until the chips or nuggets have thoroughly been "melted".  The nuggets to acetone ratio depends on how thick or thin you want the solution to be.  
You will need a hair painting brush you don't care about; it can't be a cheap plastic brush, the acetone will melt it too.  Also, some alumminum foil and make a little platter for the bones you will seal; this is to catch any spills or drops.
First, test how thick the mixture is by dipping your brush into the jar and painting a line on the foil: watch it "dry" (actually the acetone is evaporating and leaving the resin behind)
:icongrygon:grygon 45 25
So you want to mummify something
I have been meaning to write this up and I am finally, finally doing it.  Consider this a sort of rough draft until I get a good image of one of my mummies for the thumbnail!  :)
As a collector of mummies both found and made, this is one of my largest hobbies aside from skulls and photography and art.  It's a rather basic hobby and employs just a little common sense.  So this tutorial won't be very long.
The first part will cover mummies you may have found.  The second part will cover mummies you may want to make.
I found a mummy!  Now what?
So you found a mummy and want to keep it.  Or maybe you want to make it cleaner to sell it.  Great!  (if you want to sell it, contact me and give me first dibs!  lol)
The first step I usually do is dust that thing off and out.  This requires some brushes, somethings to scrape or poke with, and a can of bottled air that you usually us
:icongrygon:grygon 40 62
FNAF - I'm Still Alive by Neytirix FNAF - I'm Still Alive :iconneytirix:Neytirix 2,184 283 TDW - Role switch AU by sinnamun TDW - Role switch AU :iconsinnamun:sinnamun 34 8 A rare jewel by scilk A rare jewel :iconscilk:scilk 78 18 TF2 Fusion- Medic and Sniper by MadJesters1 TF2 Fusion- Medic and Sniper :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 604 232 no.... by runeun no.... :iconruneun:runeun 59 7 Luunai by CapnShortstack Luunai :iconcapnshortstack:CapnShortstack 62 0 Sythid Jeff Murchie by MURCHIEMONSTER Sythid Jeff Murchie :iconmurchiemonster:MURCHIEMONSTER 7 2 the storm is comming... by Fukari the storm is comming... :iconfukari:Fukari 1,996 59 ChoosanJuan - Wolf Eel Valet Parker Audition by Gooseworx ChoosanJuan - Wolf Eel Valet Parker Audition :icongooseworx:Gooseworx 63 28 SHE'S A KID SHE'S A BEAR SHE'S A KID NOW by Dunoid SHE'S A KID SHE'S A BEAR SHE'S A KID NOW :icondunoid:Dunoid 8 7



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Artist | Varied
Hi. Nice to meet you.


~Fellows from around the world~

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With round 3 of :iconregicideoct: wrapped up, I'm following through with what I mentioned in here:
I might just leave DA for goodSo, the latest journal that DA has left is pretty much the last nail in the coffin for me. Why;Well it's because they're trying to make themselves look not as bad as they actually are. 
Let's take a look at the stuff they've done in the past:
-Ignored most of their users' cries for issues ranging from art theft to minor bugs
-Never listened to when their community's majority says "NO" when they add a new feature. Last time I checked, "NO" has always meant "NO," regardless of the two parties' relationship, whether it be romantic, familial, platonic, business, or even acquaintances
-Points are shit currency, not to mention it harbors the mentality that one's hard work is worth less than it actually is, considering that the USD:Points is 5.00:400 and most will only buy stuff at 400 points or less. If you do continue to use DA as one of your platforms where you do commissions, consider your country's currency over this idiotic points shindig
-Their s

There's been a couple more OCTs that I feel quite tempted to join, and I'd love to stick around for more OCT shenanigans, but unfortunately, if I were to stay and enter other OCTs, I'd either forget that I'm in it or wouldn't have or provide myself enough time to properly follow through. I'll leave this account active though, meaning you can still view and browse through my gallery.

The OCs that I've used here on DA will be seen on my tumblr account, especially since I haven't drawn them much. This includes William and Sarge, Alcatraz, and recently Danielus and Velni. You can follow me at

You may also ask me to add you on Steam. Just send me a note here or on my tumblr, stating who you are and why you'd like to add me. I also do skype, but only send me a DA note for a skype request if I've met you in real life. I'm open to discuss OCs and do roleplays, as well as general chatting.

I've recently gotten into youtube too, but I'll be doing only game related content there:…
Currently I'm doing a playthrough of Undertale.

I'm quite surprised I even made it to Round 3 in an OCT, and all the experiences with others during those rounds been quite fun! This last round against :iconswimmingeagle121: was very exciting, as both of us were still finishing up our entries as the deadline became uber close, and was the first time I've gone up against another person whose entries are literary prose-based rather than visual. I wish the best of luck to everyone proceeding to the future rounds of Regicide-OCT!

I'll miss you all T.T

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